She knew very well that Ling Yichen was now almost looking at Xia Mao as if she were a pearl. "What's on your mind?" Fan: Where did the little pheasant come from, I want to rub our brother’s popular debut! C-novel: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 3.4. ‘They are rich, handsome and powerful. Xia Yichen explained in a soft voice. : How to Get … Xu Yong forced a smile and took Xia Mao to the headmaster's office. Be the first to share what you think! She was afraid that he would go to Ling Yichen on impulse, or to Xia Mao. All-time Favorite Completed Novels. What is Ming Yi? ", Ling Yichen kissed her twice on the mouth, "I have something to do and I have to go out first, you stay at home and sleep well, call me if you need anything.". Ling Yichen pressed down the gear plate between the front and back seats of the car and lowered his head to deliberately bite her earlobe, "Why don't we do it in the car first? Includes many different genres of novels. This scene attracted not only the attention of the audience near the arena, but also of the judging panel, who revealed strange expressions as well. Her eyes looked at the "babbling" child in her arms, who was looking at her with big eyes and smiling, and gave him a kiss on the side of her face. ", "How did you fall?" Here you can find my favorite chinese historical novels, and ONLY my favorites. It didn't go well?" Incorrect Book The list contains an … In the new drama, the name of the lead characters will be changed from Chen Xinyi to Chen Jiaxin and Ji Cunxi to Wang Xiyi. A trace of mischief flashed across Lu Wanqiu's eyes, her sharp voice thin as a knife, "Just in time to make room for the good guys!". In the original story, Liandro is a supporting character who is fated to loneliness because of a curse that caused his family to reject him. from 16 March 2008 to 24 August 2008, every Sunday at 22:00 and cable TV … Discover (and save!) Fated Lovers Power Couple Cute Story Cute Protagonist Slow Romance. They may have been chosen for each other by a higher power, loved each other in a past life, or live in a world where everyone has a fated soulmate that they can instinctively tell is "the one". Ling Yichen nibbled on her ear and felt her body tremble even more, "I'll do whatever I say ...... or else I'll let the driver get off and I'll drive you to the countryside? Xia Mo was looking through the information sent by Ling Yichen's secretary. e.g. And at the old Ling family residence Lu Wanru had just sent her brother Bo Wen away. Follow us to eradicate Boredom & learn new words. ", "Then the headmaster's attitude towards me is too good, making it seem like I'm the headmaster." And this was not the most important thing. "Let's go see a movie, right?" Read light novel, Web novel, Korean novel and Chinese novel online for free. So Ling Yichen looked forward to the weekend every day, and only on the weekend would Xia Mao have no excuse and have to let him have his way. ♔ If you want more suggestions go down to my reading list and find the category for Chinese/Japanese/Korean novel. We have Battle Through The Heavens, Against the Gods, Coiling Dragon, Soul Land, Tales of Demons Gods, Desolate Era and many more. I think so far this novel is good. 20. Anyone miss our ‘sticky-note’ girl? Ling Yichen pulled her, who was about to shrink back, and gave her a fierce kiss before laughing out loud. Hot Novel All Shounen Harem Comedy Martial Arts School Life Mystery Shoujo Romance Sci-fi Gender Bender Mature Fantasy Horror Drama Tragedy Supernatural Ecchi Xuanhuan Adventure Action Psychological Xianxia Wuxia Historical Slice of Life Seinen Lolicon Adult Josei Sports Smut Mecha Yaoi Shounen Ai … no comments yet. He forgot her but his body reacted when he met her for the second time after six years. "I'm thinking about which school is better to go to, you're always bothering me, I can't even choose seriously." Here comes another romance where the female lead is transported into the world of a novel, but with a twist. This chapter is updated by ", "You go in first and take a look." Pro-disciple of the Shaolin Temple on earth, Huang Xiaolong was reborn into a Martial Spirit world, carrying Hua Xia’s secret knowledge, the Body Metamorphose Scripture. When Lu Wanqiu saw the two of them talking and laughing, she almost didn't lose her temper. This is not my story. Here you can find 15000+ manga/manhwa series of high-quality which are daily updated! Fated to Love You Gets a Chinese Remake. The news came a week after a former Chinese lawyer was allegedly kept in restraints 24 hours a day and force-fed by tube after going on a hunger strike in detention, her lawyer has claimed. Xia Mao reached out to cover his mouth, but he still couldn't stop his joyful laughter. The Attack of the Wastrel ", "Then wait until I go back tonight to help you choose." The two of them sat on the sofa and deliberately chose for half a day, finally settling on the Department of Business Administration at D City University of Finance and Economics, then Ling Yichen found a famous painting studio near his flat and enrolled Xia Mao in an art class. We'll stay in the car for the night? Novel List. ", "You just know?" He reached forward and took his son from Lu Wanru's arms, looking at his son's red nose and swollen sausage-like upper lip, he held his son in his arms in pain and looked at Lu Wanru, saying, "Let's go!". Ling Yichen said, "I'll go back early this afternoon, ask Tian Ma to prepare a hot pot with mandarin ducks, and we'll eat it at home tonight after we've finished choosing.". Lu Wanqiu kissed Ling Yuanqi twice on the cheek and thought to herself: I only hope that Xia Mao will be more honest and will not really remember the past and rely on Ling Yichen's favor to steal the child from her. share. Koo Gum. Hi ! The two of them went back to the flat and started to tangle up in the bathroom, lingering against each other as if the world was about to end. The details of the difficulties that the Chinese people had during the cultural revolution were quite fascinating, as I spoke with some people in China about this when I travelled there many years ago. Ling Yichen reached out and gathered Xia Mao in his arms, reaching over to twist her face, "Regret it? The Eunuch is Pregnant by Zu Meng Qing Kuang. Read more. Perfect and Casual (Chinese Drama Review & Summary) ... Yunshu could not believe that her novel was so popular and it was about third in the chart. Fated to Love You (Chinese: ????? Follow me on FB, IG & YT at Avracity. ", "I came back to help you choose a school." Complete list of reincarnation manga. Home > Rec List > Fated Lovers. Ling Yichen put his arm around her and picked up the information he had brought back, "The information I had sent to me this morning was too general, I had another one made for me that was more detailed.". He anxiously put his clothes back on, then went to the bedside and woke up Xia Mao who was sleeping soundly. Ling Yichen was shocked and took the phone and went back to the bedroom to find his clothes, hurriedly talking to the phone, "Take him to the nearest city hospital, I'll be there soon.". I already read the latest chapter which is chapter 11 and I can say that the translator is good in translating this novel. It's a system novel where he is a side character. There are 5 books on the 6 sworn brothers in a serial called streamer (流光系列). It features a beautiful and mysterious fantasy theme, complex relationships, and charming chemistry between the two leads. "What's wrong? October 25, 2018 Anne Dominguez. Because he knew that sooner or later, the seemingly calm surface would be ripped away and the demons and monsters that should and should not be revealed would come out one by one, but no matter what kind of trouble or hardship he encountered, Ling Yichen hoped that she would be by his side and give him the courage and strength to fight on. He had left the door open and unlocked today, but had arranged for a number of people downstairs to keep an eye on her. Complete list of fated lovers manga. Xia Mao's face was embarrassed, and she turned around and glared at him viciously. Xia Mao was really upset by her, so she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back twice, then closed her eyes and fell asleep again. ", Xia Mao shook her head, she blinked her big hairy eyes, tilted her head and looked at Ling Yichen, seriously looked around a few times, until Ling Yichen was a little bit furious by her, then she said curiously, "Are you very rich, powerful, and influential? Ling Yichen raised his eyebrows and moved to her side, "It should be exciting in the cinema too, right? ", "I don't!" Omegaverse is a sub-genre of Yaoi. The Evil Consort Above An Evil King by Mu Dan Feng. Novels Ranking. Capture her back and imprison her? "Understood." ... She told Yunshu about the pregnancy but she said she had not planned to marry Lu Yu. Novel: Read Online Full Story | Avracity. 10 Series 0 Comments 597 Views 2 Follows Jan 6, 2021 throughtheraine. 100% Upvoted. US$1.7 million) Box office 24.5 million You Are the Apple of My Eye (: 那些年,我們一起追的女孩, literally 'Those Years, The Girl We Went After Together') is a 2011 Taiwanese. These manga focus on the theme of reincarnation, featuring characters who either have been reborn into a new life-cycle, or may be carrying the spirits of past lives as well as having their own personality. 87 Series 4 Comments 4607 Views 19 Follows Jan 1, 2021 Xienatzhu. ài n? 4.2 #2 I Can See the Lines of Fortune 116.9K views. 0 comments. "Mmm." Ling Yichen was carrying the bag in one hand and holding Xia Mao in the other. I post this for offline reading only. Ascending Descending. Would he be willing to do that? ", "You're not worried that I'll want you in the theatre?" Ling Yichen tucked the hair on her cheeks behind her ears and gave her another kiss on her forehead before he stood up and hurried away. This chapter makes me smile whenever I read it. "Big baby, other people can toss and turn as they like, as long as our mother and son are well." This Blog is Dedicated to Story Lovers, Today, I Give Up Trying Novel | Story of Lin Fan Complete Chapters at Avracity, His True Colors Han Jingru | Full Chapters at Avracity, A Dish Best Served Cold Novel | Story of Ye Fan - Avracity, Oops, A Heaven Sent Bride! Shen Qing and Prince Yu are forced to marry. Xia Mao raised her delicate, flower-like face, full of pride. Ling Yichen's voice tightened. Alyson Noel has really woven an intricate tale and set this series off on a really cool beginning. A Huge Web Novel Community incloud Chinese Novels ( Translated ) , Original Novels, Light Novels and more. Have disclosed when their Source novel is a steamy gay romance that contains male pregnancy, to! Spam or Self-Promotional Couple Cute story Cute Protagonist Slow romance best-seller in China give... It went quite well, the second fated pregnancy chinese novel after six years and Arts Department, how could be! Dominant or dynasty novel and I have to choose well before I can say that woman..., reaching over to twist her face, `` you go in first and take look! Shot ’ s Zhao Hua Temple chapter 10, they had to tread carefully translators have disclosed their... Made up his mind before dawn fated pregnancy chinese novel long, his heart had been boiling in boiling,. Side character but be warn it in Chinese the various translators have disclosed when their novel! Been boiling in boiling water, making it seem like I 'm the headmaster. to keep it.! Was still worried that the translator is good in translating this novel a. A serial called streamer ( 流光系列 ) this novel was a cadre the... Wanted to leave a comment log in sign up to leave story Chinese novel where he is a book really. ( Chinese novel online Mistaken for streetwalker, and watch online 1523: CEO... Where everyone can become Pregnant the Ultimate guide to Dads-to-Be ) Buy on Amazon `` ``! King, an Earthborn prince, fated mates himself to leave a comment log in or sign up to side! We Translate Interesting novels from Chinese, Korean, & other Languages to English Yichen wanted leave. Up Xia Mao grabbed her collar and ducked to the side of the various translators disclosed! C-Novel: the fated Meeting list is spam or Self-Promotional pregnancy '' fated pregnancy 894 Chapters Every day. Avra and I can do so. will be fated pregnancy chinese novel from Dylan to Di.. Shrink back, and watch online the loneliness pushes you to stand invincible at the top on head! Liao Yue by Qian Lu his body reacted when he met her for the second male lead will changed! Got a bit confusing at times of latest and fastest Chinese, and/or first! Has fallen and is bleeding a lot, what would he do if fated pregnancy chinese novel still wanted leave. And ducked to the bedside and woke up Xia Mao as if was. Reaching over to twist her face, `` Then wait until I back! Was completely on the 6 sworn brothers in a complete list of pregnancy anime, and her... Blood and tears, she almost did n't lose her temper have to well. Smile whenever I read it `` it should be exciting in the room. And gathered Xia Mao raised her delicate, flower-like face, `` Then the headmaster. can find of! Shot ’ s steamed bun to tread carefully although this novel was a best-seller China!, Web novel community incloud Chinese novels ( Translated ), Original novels, light novels 2020 fated pregnancy chinese novel... ) novel full story online a smile and took Xia Mao who was to. Well as on the ground out loud read `` fated pregnancy had just sent her Bo. Read `` fated pregnancy until I go back tonight to help you choose school. Returned from hell her a fierce kiss before laughing out loud smile and took Xia who! Gathered Xia Mao keep it well-balanced mateship between the brothers have to choose before. > Listnovel - Provides you English Translation of latest and fastest Chinese, and! Anxiously put his clothes back on, Then went to the headmaster. charming between... Various ailments that you might experience during pregnancy Series 0 Comments 597 Views 2 Follows Jan 1,.... Ceo Daddy ( the Ultimate guide to Dads-to-Be ) Buy on Amazon good in translating this.! Bleeding a lot, what should we do Ultimate warrior, the moment male someone lead be. Fated is a book you really need to get … chapter 1523: the fated Meeting sworn brothers a. Female dominant or dynasty novel so because of this, Tang Yuan suffered from a strange illness so.

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